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BioMagnetic Code™

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Biomagnetic Code™ Full Board Certification BioMagnetic Code Therapy™️ was developed to help reverse the effects of trauma and stress in the body. Every thought and every emotion we have generates bioelectric signals that can affect our health and wellbeing, especially when the stress is constant and the emotions are stored for long periods of time. Based on BioMagnetism Principles we are able to help the body detox and balance the pH, but also offer the emotional and healing space for the mind/body to thrive. What you would learn? You will learn to use specific magnets and maps for this modality, if you are familiar with the traditional BioMagnetic Therapy, this certification includes that as part of the course but it is not limited to it, our main goal is to teach you the most complete and comprehensive course in Holistic Healing. Specifications and Prerequisites of the Course: - The Course is designed to be 100% online.  - You do not need previous experience in the holistic field; this course provides all you need to start your journey into the wonderful world of Holistic Healing.  - If you have previous experience with holistic healing modalities, more than likely you will be able to finish in as little as 1 month! - The certification is designed to be done at your own pace, and you will have support from us for any questions that might arise during your process. In our efforts to make this as accessible to everyone as possible, our only prerequisite is that you are fully invested in your own healing journey and willing to help others with their journey as well. 

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