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"It is not about willpower. "

The reason we can’t feel the way we want, change our health, or achieve something different in our lives is not because we need more willpower. It is because our body is running the wrong program. Emotional experiences of the past can transform our biology and create defense mechanisms that are keeping us from living life in the most fulfilling, healthy and happy way possible.


Learn how to transform your life by freeing your trapped emotions.

"Transgenerational epigenetic


Very often we find ourselves trapped by the emotional traumas of our parents, grandparents, and up to 12 generations prior. Sometimes the only way to truly change our current situation is by transcending our DNA conflicts, and by doing so we are liberating our bodies from generational meta programs.


Transgenerational therapy can help you free yourself from such conflicts.

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Emotional stress?

Suffering from an illness?

Or simply just want to feel full of life once again?

It doesn’t matter what brought you to this place, the possibility of allowing your body and mind to heal naturally is now within reach.



This Academy is designed to help you become a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner. 


Our goal is to ensure that you become the best in the field to help heal yourself and others.


Herbal Solutions

We hold the belief that supplying the body with ample essential nutrients is crucial for attaining and sustaining improved health.


We offer accessible nutritional supplements & herbal solutions to assist individuals in leading healthier lives.

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Hi, I’m Daniel Reyes

The reason I’m passionate about what I do is because Holistic Therapy changed my life in the most profound way you can imagine.


The miracle that I lived through with my son using Holistic Therapy fueled my desire to introduce other people to the possibilities of a healthy and enjoyable life.

Reach out to me, I want to share the possibilities with you and help you transform your life. 

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If something within is telling you to modify your present state, let us help unleash the potential within you.


 Discover the Holistic Life

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