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Holistic Life Coaching

If you are looking for long-term Holistic Life Coaching, we will explore your abilities, talents, and dreams. We can help you achieve your highest potential.

It is not about willpower

The reason we can’t feel the way we want, change our health, or achieve something different in our lives is not because we need more willpower. It is because our body is running the wrong program. Emotional experiences of the past can transform our biology and create defense mechanisms that are keeping us from living life in the most fulfilling, healthy and happy way possible.


We can help you transform your life by freeing your trapped emotions.

Medical Biomagnetism

Medical biomagnetism is based on the acidity/alkalinity of the body. The acidity of every single cell in our bodies will be determined by the behavior and structure of subatomic particles. The way electrons behave within an atom of hydrogen will determine the acidity of the organ, tissue or body.

Behind every illness, there is a subatomic behavior that we can modify using magnetic fields that range from 1k gauss to 15k gauss depending on the area or depth of the imbalance.


After the flow of electrons has been restored and the acidity has been eradicated, the body will detox the pathology involved..


Bio-magnetic Pair Therapy…

Is a very effective therapy that utilizes magnets of opposite polarity by pairs, Negative and Positive, to detect pH imbalances (Acidity and Alkalinity) in specific areas of the body to fight and neutralize virus, bacteria, parasites and fungus, which are the main cause of most illnesses.


Magnetic fields also can balance Glandular Dysfunctions and clean the body of heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxic substances that accumulate in our bodies due to high levels of emotional, physical and chemical stress.

It is being considered by many Health Professionals the Medicine of the Future, and it is being practiced at hospitals and clinics all over the world, while recognized by major medical institutions and governments as part of their health care programs.


The most surprising fact is its simplicity. And a big advantage is that magnetic fields have no side effects. Besides the healings and improvements from patients, what has been discovered is the behavior in the blood before and after applying the magnets. What is most important is that the findings of such tests guarantee the effectiveness of the Bio-magnetic Pair in a very large list of pathologies.

Helping You from the Inside Out

Using Biomagnetism to achieve the right alkalinity gives the body the ability to heal from the inside in the most natural and drug free way.


Call me at (210) 906-0308 or complete the contact form below. Helping you recover would be my honor.


Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.

Very often we find ourselves trapped by the emotional traumas of our parents, grandparents, and up to 12 generations prior. Sometimes the only way to truly change our current situation is by transcending our DNA conflicts, and by doing so we are liberating our bodies from generational meta programs.


Transgenerational therapy can help you free yourself from such conflicts.

The process of therapy…

In the first sessions, we begin by balancing the Acidity/Alkalinity of the body. After the body is balanced and primed for change, we start finding the biological instructions that are keeping you from your ideal self. As therapy progresses, we move on to transgenerational issues. The process can be as short as one month depending on the goals to achieve.

Why this therapy might be right for you?

We all have a bio-magnetic field that is directly related to the health of the body and to the state of our emotions. The challenge for us living in the 21st century is how to keep ourselves healthy in all areas of our lives when we are constantly bombarded by high levels of toxicity, pollution in the air we breathe, bad quality foods, high levels of stress, toxic relationships, etc.


Holistic bio-magnetism offers the most advanced therapy to help us rediscover life and live to the highest of our potentials.

What to Expect

The First Sessions

The treatment plan will depend on the needs of each client.

First, we establish the goals of the client. For example, if the goal is to work on depression, weight loss, and some hormonal imbalance, the treatment might consist of 10+ sessions. During these sessions, we will be working on the emotional trauma (Program) in the client’s DNA.

The programs are activating a protection mechanism that allows the mind to stay in survival mode, making you feel trapped in a certain emotion or situation.


As we find the emotions and free them, you will experience the changes brought by the liberation of old programming.

Holistic Life Coaching

If you are looking for long-term Holistic Life Coaching, we will explore your abilities, talents, and dreams. We can help you achieve your highest potential.

However, it will not be through forcing your ego to enter in “the race for greatness” that most people are running. Rather, it will be by freeing your heart from blockages that keep you from accomplishing such dreams. We can help you find your Entelechy!

Temporary Health Setback

If, on the other hand, you are going through a temporary health setback, we might have a short 4-6 session treatment. During these sessions, we can work on restoring the health of the body/mind simply by bringing the body to an alkaline state and thus allowing health to happen.

Chronic Illness

When dealing with chronic illnesses, you can experience changes immediately, although the complete reversal of such illness might require a long-term treatment.

If the client has been dealing with it for 20+ years, it might take 6-12 months to completely reverse it. This, of course, requires that the person has the energy and willingness to make the necessary life changes.


Call me at (210) 906-0308 or complete the contact form below. Helping you recover would be my honor.

Why people believe in us


Mary Ellen Brazeal

"I experience breathtaking sensory, emotional and spiritual awakenings.I stopped taking all prescriptions that I had taken for a long time"

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