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About Me

My holistic healing journey started when everything in my life was going “great and according to plan.” Yet I was feeling that life was more of a struggle than a beautiful experience. Depression and anxiety would often control my days.

But then a miracle happened. The push I needed to truly experience life came when my first son was born and the diagnoses started to pile on – in laymen terms: profound deafness, partial blindness, and four brain malformations.


The prognosis was abysmal, to say the least. It was only when answers could not be found in western medicine that I had to start figuring out ways to change the predicted outcomes.


The more that I discovered the possibilities from using magnetic field therapies, the more I was convinced that this is my calling in life: to share it with whomever is ready to start living in the most meaningful, healthy and joyful way possible.


What felt like a “tragedy” for us at the beginning, turned out to be the beginning of the most amazing experience we could have ever imagined! My Son is now walking on his own, doing all the normal things a boy would do, reaching milestone after milestone, attending school, and enjoying life to the fullest.


I now know that true Life is not the sum of the past experiences, but the potential of the present.


Allow yourself to transform your present situation into the life-changing opportunity it has the potential to be.

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